Welcome to the webpage of Dr. Todd Sandrin!

Here you can find information on courses I teach as well as updates on research I am conducting in collaboration with undergraduate researchers.


As a faculty member in the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, I teach a variety of courses ranging from introductory biology to more advanced courses in microbiology and cell biology.  

Research in my lab employs unique, often multidisciplinary approaches to mysteries in the natural sciences deemed intractable by strategies relying on approaches from a single discipline.  Current research projects use tools in proteomics and functional genomics to: 1) leverage  beneficial aspects of microorganisms (e.g., biodegradation/bioremediation of harmful chemical pollutants) and 2) develop technologies to mitigate negative effects of microorganisms (e.g., disease, microbial contamination of water).  Most recently, my research group has been particularly active and has placed considerable focus on the development and optimization of rapid, mass spectrometry-enabled approaches to characterize microorganisms at the strain level.

I also serve as Dean in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and Vice Provost of ASU's West Valley campus.

Please feel free to send me an e-mail or stop by my office (L1-54) or lab (CLCC 311) anytime to discuss research projects described on this site and potential collaborations.